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"Josh does an amazing job! We were blown away by his work and how perfectly he captured our wedding day. So easy and fun to work with!"
-Nic 2021


"We were blown away by the video and it completely exceeded our expectations. You truly have a gift. The video captured everything we wanted, and the flow of it with the music transitions was absolutely spot on. You seriously surpassed what we were expecting... thank you SO much Josh. Really cool to have a piece of your work for our special day. No one would have done it any better!!"

-Mason 2022

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"Josh so beautifully created a video for my husband
and I's wedding this past May. Each time we watch
it, it brings us to tears. Not only because it was such
a special day, but because Josh so beautifully and
masterfully crafted the video to reflect our love. His
videos capture the emotions of the day better than
ANY other videographer I have ever seen. He was so
fun to work with and even got down and dirty on the
dance floor with everyone! There is no doubt in my
mind that you should have Josh create your video.
He is amazing! We love Josh Zuck Videography!!"

- Steph 2021

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"When I was planning my wedding, everyone told me
that videography should be at the bottom of your
budget and the first thing to go if you had to make
cuts- I think that was the worst advice. We decided
last minute to add videography (thanks Josh for
being so flexible) and it was the best decision. Our
video is one of our most cherished memories from
that day. We watch it often. Josh's video truly
captured every moment and emotion from our day
and we couldn't be more thankful! HIGHLY

-Natalie 2020

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"The video Josh made for our wedding was shot perfectly! Every little detail we wanted, he captured. Very easy going and fun to work with. Highly recommend him for any occasion!"

-Anders and Megan 2020


"By far one of the best decisions I made for my wedding day was hiring Josh Zuck Videography! Not only is he talented and professional, but he is also a fun and honest guy. He did such a wonderful job at capturing my wedding day that whenever I rewatch the video he created I’m blown away and brought to tears all at the same time. After seeing the video he made me I contemplated hiring him to just film my everyday, boring life. If you’re trying to decide whether or not to hire him, I’ll decide for you... DO IT!"

-Max 2020

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"One of the best decisions we made for our wedding was hiring Josh! We were blown away by the video he created and how perfectly he captured our special day. Josh was so easy to work with and added such a fun presence to our day. I cannot recommend hiring Josh to be your videographer enough!"

-Shanda 2021

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